New Outdoor Gear Trailer by SylvanSport: The GO Easy

SylvanSport is proud to announce the release of it’s all new outdoor gear trailer, the GO Easy. It’s what we like to call an “Adventure-Utility Trailer”. Customizable, versatile, and oh so sweet looking, the GO Easy is designed for one thing: to get you where you want to go, with the gear you want, as easily as possible. Whether it’s a family camping trip, biking in British Columbia, paddling in Baja, or carrying brush to the burn pile, the GO Easy is an outdoor gear trailer that is willing and able. So, what’s the big deal?

Well, let’s just start by saying that this is not your run of the mill utility trailer with a pretty paint job. The GO Easy is an outdoor gear trailer that finds the perfect balance between lightweight and durability. It can be pulled by the smallest car, even a motorcycle, and the rigid steel frame is powder-coated for long life. The optional diamond-plate cargo deck is rated to 325lbs, while the torsion axle keeps the ride nice and smooth. So, when you’re cruising through the curves of the Blue Ridge Parkway or on that washboard section of gravel road, the GO Easy stays stable and won’t bounce you (or your gear) off the road. A high quality LED lighting system keeps you safe (and legal) using a standard 4-wire electrical system and there are 2 safety cables to back you up in case things go awry.

GO Easy able to be towed any size vehicle...even a motorcycle.

Adventure or utility.

That’s great and all, but what truly makes this an “adventure-utility trailer”? It’s all in the details. We’ve molded in side, rear and top rail slots so you can completely enclose the GO Easy deck area with your own wood panels, or you can buy ours. Add the Front Storage Pod to the trailer and you have a weatherproof storage box (with a kayak hatch cover for a lid!) that gives you 6.2 cu. ft of additional outdoor gear hauling storage. Plus, we’ve made the GO Easy completely compatible with Yakima and Thule rack systems, so you can use your favorite mounts to carry your bikes, kayaks, canoes, etc. Add the exclusive Roost Explorer, two-person Camping Pod, and you have the ultimate in cool camping trailers. And just as each of us have our own versions of adventure, we made the GO Easy an outdoor gear trailer that is easily customizable to fit your needs.

How many bikes do want to bring?


Canoes and sea kayaks are not a problem with the tongue extension kit.

Side rails accept homemade panels to protect your gear, or use ours.

2 person Roost camper pod.

Some quick specs on the GO Easy:

  • dimensions: 120′L x 62″W x 35″H
  • rigid steel frame, powder-coated for durability
  • aluminum, diamond-plate cargo deck, with 325lb capacity
  • weatherproof storage pod
  • 2-person Roost camping pod available
  • rigid torsion axle offers a smooth ride
  • light 30lb tongue weight
  • ships standard UPS/FedEx & assembles in less than an hour
  • compatible with Yakima and Thule bar systems
  • designed & built in Brevard, NC

Spend less on gas, more on fun.

Once you get home, and the gear is sorted and cleaned, where’s a good place to store the GO Easy? Funny you should ask. Simply wheel the outdoor gear trailer into the garage or any other safe place (remember that 30lb tongue weight?), remove the detachable tongue, and prop it up on end. We’ve even included a secure hanging clip to hold the tongue. Compact and out of the way, leaving you more room for your quiver of bikes or boats.

Store on end for an incredibly small footprint.

There’s a lot to say about the GO Easy “Adventure-Utility Trailer”, but nothing beats seeing it person. Give us a shout to check one out for yourself. 828-883-4292 or

Looking for a GO camping trailer? Here’s how to find one!

You’ve watched the videos of the SylvanSport GO pop up travel trailer, seen all the pictures, and read all the great write-ups and reviews. Now it’s time to actually experience the awesomeness in person. We’ve been hard at work setting up dealerships, collaborating with current GO pop up travel trailer owners, and putting together a lineup of events and festivals to try and make it as easy as possible for you to check out what we (and apparently lots of other folks) think is the Coolest. Camper. Ever.

The last year has been really exciting for us because we’ve built some great relationships with new dealers for our GO camping trailer…on 3 different continents! What this means for you is not just the possibility of finding one near you, but the ability to finance one through the dealership under their buyer program (contact dealer for details on financing). Here’s a list of authorized SylvanSport GO dealers:


171 Washington Street Route 1
Plainville MA  02762


6700 Bruton Smith Blvd
Concord, NC 28027

1885 US 70 West
Marion, NC 28752


3200 East Irvington Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85714

6130 Lazy Days Blvd.
Seffner, FL 33584



56 Kirkland Drive
Red Deer, Alberta
T4P 3P3



39-41 Shelley Road, North Moruya Business Park
Moruya NSW 2537
Tel: (02) 4474 4410  |  Intl: +61 2 4474 4410



Fahrzeugbau Rettenmaier
Franz Rettenmaier
Laßbacher Weg 11
74653 Künzelsau



In addition to our official dealers, we have a great network of current GO camping trailer owners in the U.S. & Canada, who we like to refer to as “GO-Getters”.  Our GO-Getters have agreed to meet and talk with potential GO owners (maybe you???), let folks check out their GO, and get to share some of their adventures with it.

Click the link for a Google map showing all our our GO-Getter locations. If you would like to make arrangements to see a GO, just contact or call us at 828-883-4292.



One of our favorite things to do is to get out and have some fun at different festivals and events all over the country. 2012 was a busy year and our GO pop up travel trailer was at several dozen events. For 2013, our calendar is starting to fill up. We do music festivals, outdoor sports events, a slew of trade shows, and wherever else we can find, that we might be able to find you. To keep track of our comings and goings, check the Upcoming Events page on our website. It’s always being updated, so remember to bookmark it. Better yet, like us on Facebook and we’ll keep you posted on when and where we’ll be!



Finally, if you’re ever in the Brevard, NC area. You are always welcome to stop by and see our facility, check one out, and even buy a GO camping trailer. We can help you with all the necessary paperwork and tag stuff to get you on your way! You can also buy direct from us via e-mail/phone and we can even arrange delivery to or near you (fees apply). For more details, give Peyre Cleveland a call at 828-883-4292 or shoot him an e-mail at…he’d love to talk to you!

So many ways to see a GO pop up travel trailer! Chances are pretty good that there’s one not too far away from you. We are always happy to help you find one, so let us know what we can do! They’re even cooler in person than on a screen, so it’s worth taking a look!

SylvanSport gets ready for 2013 with a photo shoot!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now it’s time to really start thinking about the holiday season ahead. That is unless you’re part of the SylvanSport family. This whole week we’ve been living it up on the set of a photo shoot, getting ready for 2013. You know how it is…lattes, danishes, wine…basically it’s how we like to roll. Well, it may be how we like to roll, but it wasn’t exactly what our week looked liked. Taking over 1/3 of our facility, we set up a huge white back drop, found a great model/actress, Candace Blanchard, and got hooked up with dual sport motorcycles, 4-wheelers, Rubbermaid cargo bins, a fleet of Specialized bikes, and a ton of kayaks of all kinds. There were no lattes, no danishes, and no wine (or beer) to be found anywhere. I think I saw someone with a coffee cup, but I’m not sure where he got it. What we did have though, was a great model, lots of cool gear, and of course, the star of the show, (the all-in-one, camping trailer, kayak trailer, ATV camper, and mountain bike trailer), the SylvanSport GO Trailer. Now we just need a photographer to capture this in all it’s glory.

Enter John Powell. You may remember John from his incredible pics when he took a GO pop up travel trailer out to Moab, UT for the Land Rover Rally. Check out the October 9, 2012 blog post for our recap of his trip. We’ve taken him from the slick rock of Utah and brought him indoors to shoot our new product photos. So come along and join us for a behind the scenes look at the SylvanSport photo shoot. Let the fun begin! 


Tom and Kyle review the plans for each shot.

The GO Trailer looking pretty for the camera.

Last minute touches to get the photo "just right". versatile.

The GO trailer is pretty fond of kayaks...especially bright orange ones.

John Powell working his magic.

Everyone is psyched about the work John is doing!

So how much gear did you say the GO trailer could hold? That's right...a lot.

Amazingly, it's a lot of work putting a photo shoot together. Maybe even harder than the Tour de France...I mean, they get massages at the end of each day.

When you have a bunch of sweet gear, great models, a top-notch photographer, a SylvanSport GO trailer, and put them all together, you end up with some pretty good looking pics!

Look for the fruits of our labor coming in the new year. We would like to give a big shout out to all of the folks who helped us out in making this shoot turn out so well: Jackson Kayak, Confluence Watersports, Sycamore Cycles, Dal-Kawa Cycle Center, Rubbermaid,and more.

Great job everyone! That’s a wrap!

2012 Sycamore Cycles Swank 65 Mountain Bike Race

Last Sunday (November 11, 2012), on a nice chilly fall morning, organizers, support staff, and riders were getting ready for the 14th Annual Sycamore Cycles Swank 65 mountain bike race. This is the unofficial season closer that runs 38 miles through some classic rooty and rocky Pisgah terrain with plenty of climbing…about 5,800 feet worth. Since it’s always held in the first couple of weeks of November, riders have seen 60 degree sunny days, cold rain, sub-freezing winter mixes, and everything in between. You just don’t know what you’re going to get until you get there. Regardless, Todd Branham and his crew at Blue Ridge Adventures, sells out the 200 rider field about 4 months in advance and pulls in folks from as far away as Costa Rica and California. Needless to say, it’s a tough race, put on by great folks, and lots of good company to share the pain.

We rolled into Cove Creek Campground to check-in and get ready for the 10am start. The sun hadn’t quite broken the ridgeline yet and temps hovered in the mid to upper 30s. The day was looking good though with blue skies and forecast high of low 60s. As riders checked-in, zip tied number plates to their handlebars, and loaded up packs with shots, blocks, and bars, the sun started to creep over the ridge and in an instant, it started feeling good. It was a great day for a ride.

2012 Sycamore Cycles Swank 65 Course Map

Before we get too far into it, I should probably give you an idea of what the course is like. Over 38 miles, you really do get a little bit of everything. 200 riders line up for a Le Mans start and run across the campground field to their awaiting bikes. After a short stretch of gravel road (complete with creek crossing), starts the first climb of the day. Cove Creek trail is a single track-ish filled with roots, creeks, and log bridges (not the good kind). Although it’s only a few miles long, with 200 riders, bottlenecks are not only likely, but should be expected…especially at the bridges. The nice part is that you know you’ll be flying down this same climb to finish the race. Cove Creek puts out onto Forest Service road 475B and onto a grassy road connector to Daniel’s Ridge. For some reason, this section always seems longer than looks on the map. The grassy road is a fairly gently climb to the top of Daniels Ridge, but always seems to go on just a little longer than I want it to. Like most things though, your work is rewarded. A sweet, and always too short, descent down the clockwise side of Daniels Ridge dumps you out onto the gravel Forest Service road, 475. Here’s where you just sit back, get comfortable, and grind it out for a few miles until you hit Gloucester Gap. After the left hand turn onto Cathy’s Creek Rd, there is still a little more climbing before you hit the long and fast gravel road descent to the base of Butter Gap. Another old, grassy service road climb takes you to the top of Butter Gap. This is a classic Pisgah descent. In about 2 1/2 miles, you get mud (almost always), rocks, roots, creeks, flow, and beautiful terrain taboot, all in one section of trail. It’s good stuff. After this momentary sense of bliss, you take a left turn and climb up Long Branch. Outside of this race, I don’t know if I ever go up Long Branch…so much better coming down. There are definitely some steep sections and some parts are rutted out pretty bad, but it’s all part of the fun. This brings you back to FS road 475, but just below Gloucester Gap.

2012 Sycamore Cycles Swank 65 Elevation Profile

From the gap, it’s a right hand turn this time and the push up Pilot Mountain. This gravel road climb is a bear. 4 miles and 2000 ft of climbing. There are a couple of very short “flats” to give you that false sense of recovery, but then it’s back on. When your fresh, it doesn’t seem TOO bad….after 20 miles of racing though, it’s just cruel. The best part about it though is from the top, the rest of the race is downhill or flat, minus a moderate gravel road climb at the end. That said, by no means does it get easy. The next section is the famed, or infamous, Farlow Gap. It’s not just rocky, it’s REALLY rocky. Baby heads big enough to stop you pretty much immediately. Throw about 2-3 ft of leaves on top and you can see almost nothing. To make things even more fun, they move. Hit one hard enough and it’ll roll…somewhere. Some you don’t even have to hit that hard. Then, it’s not just steep, it’s REALLY steep. The rock garden to the first creek crossing is just under a mile, drops almost 1000 ft, and comes in around a -20% grade. Hell yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! At the bottom lies the first creek crossing and the beginning of, for most of us anyways, the hike-a-bike sections. After a few more creek crossings, climbing over a random tree here or there, and riding through what I think is some of the most beautiful scenery in Pisgah, you roll into the counter-clockwise descent of Daniel’s Ridge. Continuing the theme of rocky and rooty from Farlow Gap, Daniel’s Ridge eases up a bit, but still keeps you in check.

A taste of Farlow Gap

Back to FS road 475, we head downhill (left) this time and connect up with Davidson River Trail. A short (1.5 mile), low grade, flowy trail that rides high above the river “gorge”, it’s a nice break from the rocks and roots. From here, the last 3.5 mile gravel road climb brings you back to the top of Cove Creek trail. The 3 mile climb that started the race brings you back home, just a little bit faster.

Le Mans Start

Out of 200 starters, 155 riders finished the race. Our hometown of Brevard, NC and local title sponsor, Sycamore Cycles, had a great showing. Six out of the top 10 and 3 on the podium were sporting Sycamore Cycles jerseys. It turned out to be a great day for a ride and Todd pulled together some great sponsors for the event. Wild Indigo Catering was on hand grilling mammoth-sized, locally raised hamburgers, New Belgium Brewery provided the refreshments, Industry Nine raffled off a sweet wheelset, and if you forgot a change of clothes, Sycamore Cycles was there selling shirts and hoodies. Next November, remember to put this one on your calendar. It’s worth the trip out here…plus, you can stop off at the SylvanSport office and check out the GO trailer manufacturing facility in person!

After Party

Click here for complete results.

Click here for videos highlights by







What is a GO trailer???

OK. You’ve seen pictures of the coolest. camper. ever. Maybe even seen it set up at one the many festivals or events that we’ve attended. But have you REALLY seen it? Do you know how versatile it really is? Do you know how easy it is to set it up? Well, this week, I wanted to have a quick educational moment and let you know truly, what is a GO  trailer. Class is now in session.

So, what can you really do with a GO? The main idea is to help you get out into the outdoors and have some fun. Bike, kayak, canoe, surf, climb… just about any outdoor adventure you can think of. “But I prefer my recreation to involve a motor”. No worries. The trailer bed actually tilts so you can easily load a motorcycle, 3-wheeler, or 4-wheeler, with no ramps to negotiate. At SylvanSport, we know that nobody wants to have 3 or 4 trailers to do everything they need, so we made the GO as versatile as possible. Home improvement project? The bed can handle full sheets of plywood and 8 foot lumber. Clearing brush? Load it up and strap it down. How about that cool dresser you found at the antique mall? Just raise the tent pod and bring it on in. I think you get the picture. The GO isn’t just a weekend toy. It’s like your favorite pocket knife…you find yourself using it all the time.

One of the main questions we get is: how long does it take to set up? To start, if you can set up a tent, you can set up the GO. One person can easily set it up in 10 minutes. Add in a spouse, friend, child, or helpful stranger, and it’s even faster. We’re not talking record speed efforts here either. Setting up camp shouldn’t take energy away from what you really want to be doing…playing and relaxing in the great outdoors.

“I don’t have a truck or V8 to pull it”. This is one of the coolest aspects of the GO. A 4-cylinder is all you need. A Subaru Outback, Mini Cooper, Toyota Corolla, or any other small car will work just fine. So, you don’t HAVE to have an SUV or truck to pull it. Save on gas and get a GO!

My final point and one that we’re pretty proud of is…  GO is completely designed and manufactured out of our facility in Brevard, NC. Made in the USA isn’t just a fact at SylvanSport, it’s our belief in supporting local economies, having close connections to the entire process, and maintaining quality and environmental controls. Even the majority of our parts are sourced within a 200 mile radius.

So, there you have it. A quick 101 on the GO, from SylvanSport. Feel free to comment and ask any other questions that you might have. If you have any questions regarding sales, you can e-mail Peyre Cleveland at

Now get on out and enjoy some beautiful fall weather!