SylvanSport GO trailer heads out west on 2 missions!

You may have seen the picture on Facebook of GO pop up camper trailers leaving theWell, one of the pop up campertrailers found itself on the back of this all-new 2013 Nissan Pathfinder for use in one of their new commercials. SylvanSport facility on 2 separate “secret missions”.


Well, one of the pop up camper trailers found itself on the back of this all-new 2013 Nissan Pathfinder for use in one of their new commercials. Look for it soon, we’ll have links to it on our facebook page.

The second development was a great deal with Canoe & Kayak Magazine. The guys at Canoe & Kayak will be taking their GO out on the road as they attend races, festivals and other events around the PNW area this season. We will be running ads in 5 upcoming issues and look forward to a great relationship with them this year.

There was a third mission, and could be the biggest news of all.. but until we know more, we can’t say… stay tuned.



Limited edition blue GO trailer!

Every once in a while it’s nice to stand out in a crowd. Here’s your chance to make all other lightweight camper trailer owners “green” with envy. We have a limited quantity of blue GO lightweight camper trailers ready to GO! The made in the USA quality and workmanship are the same as its green counterparts, the only difference being that all trim colors are blue instead of green.

So, if you’re looking for a GO lightweight camper trailer and want something a little more unique, than here’s your chance! For more information, contact Kyle at or call us at 828-883-4292.

SylvanSport as a checkpoint in the Brevard Alleycat bike race.

We love Brevard, NC. Why? Because we get to be part of things like the Broken Hearts Alleycat Bike Race. It’s pure fun! A group of about 75 cyclists gathered at Brevard Brewing Company last Friday night (Feb. 15), rode throughout Brevard, hitting 6 checkpoints, and finished back at the brewery for a little re-hydration, music, and after party.

Gathering for the start of the Alleycat in front of Brevard Brewery.

So, the basic idea is this: you show up at Brevard Brewing Company as a team of at least 2 and up to as many as you want. They give you a map with 6 checkpoints and it is up to your team to decide in which order to hit as many checkpoints as you can, as fast as you can and make it back to the brewery. Stops included Oskar Blues Brewery, Rockin Bowl Bowling Alley, Rocky’s Soda Shop, a couple of friends’ houses, and of course, SylvanSport. At each location, teams had to either sign off as being there, or complete a “task”, like blow up a balloon and tie it to your bike, bowl and knock down at least 1 pin, or answer a Trivial Pursuit question correctly. That last thing is not as easy as it may seem. Then, it was back to the brewery.

Light check.

All said and done, it was about 10 miles of riding, lots of good bonding, and a darn good time. Again, we love part of this town for many reasons and things like the Alleycat race is just one of them. Sometimes it really does feel like we’re livin’ the dream.

After party at Brevard Brewery.

Looking for a GO camping trailer? Here’s how to find one!

You’ve watched the videos of the SylvanSport GO pop up travel trailer, seen all the pictures, and read all the great write-ups and reviews. Now it’s time to actually experience the awesomeness in person. We’ve been hard at work setting up dealerships, collaborating with current GO pop up travel trailer owners, and putting together a lineup of events and festivals to try and make it as easy as possible for you to check out what we (and apparently lots of other folks) think is the Coolest. Camper. Ever.

The last year has been really exciting for us because we’ve built some great relationships with new dealers for our GO camping trailer…on 3 different continents! What this means for you is not just the possibility of finding one near you, but the ability to finance one through the dealership under their buyer program (contact dealer for details on financing). Here’s a list of authorized SylvanSport GO dealers:


171 Washington Street Route 1
Plainville MA  02762


6700 Bruton Smith Blvd
Concord, NC 28027

1885 US 70 West
Marion, NC 28752


3200 East Irvington Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85714

6130 Lazy Days Blvd.
Seffner, FL 33584



56 Kirkland Drive
Red Deer, Alberta
T4P 3P3



39-41 Shelley Road, North Moruya Business Park
Moruya NSW 2537
Tel: (02) 4474 4410  |  Intl: +61 2 4474 4410



Fahrzeugbau Rettenmaier
Franz Rettenmaier
Laßbacher Weg 11
74653 Künzelsau



In addition to our official dealers, we have a great network of current GO camping trailer owners in the U.S. & Canada, who we like to refer to as “GO-Getters”.  Our GO-Getters have agreed to meet and talk with potential GO owners (maybe you???), let folks check out their GO, and get to share some of their adventures with it.

Click the link for a Google map showing all our our GO-Getter locations. If you would like to make arrangements to see a GO, just contact or call us at 828-883-4292.



One of our favorite things to do is to get out and have some fun at different festivals and events all over the country. 2012 was a busy year and our GO pop up travel trailer was at several dozen events. For 2013, our calendar is starting to fill up. We do music festivals, outdoor sports events, a slew of trade shows, and wherever else we can find, that we might be able to find you. To keep track of our comings and goings, check the Upcoming Events page on our website. It’s always being updated, so remember to bookmark it. Better yet, like us on Facebook and we’ll keep you posted on when and where we’ll be!



Finally, if you’re ever in the Brevard, NC area. You are always welcome to stop by and see our facility, check one out, and even buy a GO camping trailer. We can help you with all the necessary paperwork and tag stuff to get you on your way! You can also buy direct from us via e-mail/phone and we can even arrange delivery to or near you (fees apply). For more details, give Peyre Cleveland a call at 828-883-4292 or shoot him an e-mail at…he’d love to talk to you!

So many ways to see a GO pop up travel trailer! Chances are pretty good that there’s one not too far away from you. We are always happy to help you find one, so let us know what we can do! They’re even cooler in person than on a screen, so it’s worth taking a look!

SylvanSport is growing!

As most of you know, SylvanSport is the maker of the coolest pop up camper ever. In 2007, we started in a small facility in Cedar Mountain, NC, with enough space to build and test prototypes, while farming out the production of the lightweight camper to a manufacturer in Ohio. By 2011, we decided to bring production of the pop up camper in-house, which meant needing a bigger facility.

We found a great location in Brevard, NC (about 20 min from Cedar Mountain) and set up shop. Going into production of our GO pop up camper, we quickly realized we need more space to operate efficiently. Storing all the parts and pieces that make up a GO lightweight camper is pretty daunting and that’s nothing compared to the square footage required to store finished GOs ready to be delivered (maybe to you).

So, in 2012, the opportunity to knock down the wall and expand into the rest of the building arose, expanding our space three-fold…we took it! Now it’s 2013 and we’re in full production mode of the GO lightweight camper! Here’s a quick glimpse of the last couple of years:

Here is Patrick welding parts for the GO in original sized Brevard facility. Note the wall on the right hand side of the picture.

When you're building a product from scratch, there are A LOT of pieces. Storage is always a challenge in a small space.

Here you can get a glimpse of the majority of the production facility. The back right side is where the welding happens, the left is parts storage, and the front area is the assembly area.

EXPANDED!!! The second large rafter on the ceiling is where the original wall stood. The expansion opened up floor space and allowed us to create defined "work areas" for each step of the process.

View from the other corner. The welding area sits behind the large racks on the right, the parts and full assembly area are in the middle, and in the far end are completed GOs ready to roll.

We replaced our gas powered (finicky, loud, and smelly) with a new electric one. It's like going from a tractor to a Prius.

An army of GO trailers ready to go! (blue ones are Australia bound)

Thanks to everyone for your support and patronage of a Made in the USA, lightweight camper GO trailer! Our expansion is a result of all of you and we only hope it helps us provide you with better service and more products to come! Let us know what you think and what you would like to see come out of our newly expanded facility. Better yet, stop on by and check it out if you’re in the area!

Meet the Faces Behind SylvanSport: Kyle Mundt

It takes a lot of talented and committed folks to make a company successful. From conception, to start-up, to expansion, it takes a certain type of person to not only handle the transitions, but be able to evolve through the changes of a growing company. Here at SylvanSport, we are lucky enough to have a couple folks that fit that bill. For our profile this week, we would like to introduce you to one of the founding members of SylvanSport and Director of Marketing and New Product Development, Kyle Mundt.

Where are you from and where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Clinton, NY (near Utica, where a Dunder Mifflin office is) and moved to West Chester (a suburb of Philadelphia and home of several of the Jack Ass guys), PA when I was 13. After high school, I went back to Western New York state to go to college, at Rochester Institute of Technology for Industrial Design.

Kyle, in Australia, helping with the launch of the Ultimate GO trailer.

How long have you been with SylvanSport and how did you get your start here?

In early 2007, I was working as an industrial designer, when a friend introduced me to Tom Dempsey (SylvanSport President). He was looking for someone to do 3D modeling work for him on a new project that he was developing. Once I saw what he was working on, I saw the potential and became pretty excited, I knew I wanted in on this project. I originally came on as an industrial designer and in 2008, when we went into production, I expanded my role to include marketing and product development.

Kyle working on the first production GO Trailer.

What types of hobbies or interests do you have when you’re not in the office?

I’m a big ice hockey fan (both playing and watching). Living in Brevard, it’s hard not to get out on the trails on the bike or a nice hike. Another benefit of Brevard and Asheville is the number of great restaurants and local craft breweries. I love getting to spend time with my 2 kids as well. Of course, I still love good design and playing with new designs. My interest in music has inspired some fun design work that I’ve been playing with.

The world famous "Breakaway Grill" team and the coveted Colander Cup

Spending time with his daughters.

What is it about SylvanSport that keeps you here?

It really is a dream company for an industrial designer. Often, designers end up modifying, tweaking, or improving things that already exist. Here, I was able to be part of the creation of a whole new product, right from the beginning. It really is a unique opportunity. Combine that with being located in a mountain town like Brevard, NC and it’s almost unheard of.

Inspecting the first GO .

If you weren’t at SylvanSport, what would you most likely be doing?

I’ve been working on a design for a new electric guitar concept. My alternate life would be to bring my design into production and pursue that. Although, it would take some investment to get it going…anyone, anyone?

The uplifting SylvanSport family.

What is your dream adventure or trip?

I’ve always dreamed of going to Scandinavia. I would love to go hike around, check out Finland and the fjords, and even see the northern lights. That would be awesome.

Kyle training for the fjords of Scandinavia in Devil's Lake WI.

I guess we’ll let Kyle get back to work. We’ll be highlighting another “face behind SylvanSport” before not too long, so stay tuned. Of course, if you have any questions for Kyle, just give him a call here at the office. Happy trails!

SylvanSport 2012 Year in Review

2012 has come and gone and after a well-deserved rest over the holidays, we’re rolling into 2013 with a ton of energy and excitement. But before we get too far into it, we wanted to stop for a moment and look back at some of the highlights of 2012. So, join us for a quick trip down memory lane as we present to you: SylvanSport’s 2012 Year in Review.


Stefan Hoehn, our SylvanSport Europe partner, visits our facility in Brevard, NC.

SylvanSport goes big and dirty at the 2012 Monster Jam in San Diego, CA!

Our fearless marketer, Kyle, celebrates a birthday...which one?'ll have to ask him.


WLOS hosts morning broadcast at SylvanSport facility.

GO Trailer camps out at the Daytona 500.


The SylvanSport crew take a break at Devil's Lake, WI while traveling for Canoecopia.


SylvanSport supports our hometown event, Assault on the Carolinas, which attracted over 1000 road riders in 2012.

SylvanSport launches GO trailer partnership in Australia with Ultimate Campers. The Ultimate GO sports a snazzy blue color theme.


SylvanSport featured along with BMW, Michelin, and GE Power Systems on Carolina Chronicle - Made in the Carolinas 1 hr. TV special.


SylvanSport's Tom Dempsey with Dale Stewart, getting ready to launch Dale on his Trail of Tears Water Route, 1300 mile journey.


Established Lazydays in Florida and Arizona as the newest SylvanSport dealer!

SylvanSport hits Floydfest in Floyd, VA.


SylvanSport attends Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City, UT.



We love hometown festivals...especially when it has music like the Steep Canyon Rangers, Shannon Whitworth, and David Grisman. Here we are at the Mountain Song Festival in Brevard, NC.

SylvanSport takes a leap at Bridge Day in New River Gorge, WV.


SylvanSport expands facility to 3x it's size!


SylvanSport GO Trailer Train for the Brevard NC Christmas Parade.

Established Macdonald's RV in Plainville, MA (Boston area) as latest SylvanSport GO dealer!

Wow…and these were just some what happened this year! It really was a great year and we had a lot of fun! We have an incredible group of folks that work here and put a lot of heart and soul into what we do. At the end of the day, we’re all psyched when we get an e-mail or phone call from a customer telling us about a cool adventure they had with a GO trailer. It’s why we do what we do. So, for 2013, we’re continuing that theme and are excited to introduce some new ways for you to get and enjoy this wonderfully wild world of ours! Stay tuned and keep in touch! Happy New Year from all of us!!!!!!!

Explorer and Adventurer, Dale Stewart, visits SylvanSport!

Over the summer, SylvanSport had the opportunity to partner with world explorer and adventurer, Dale Stewart. Dale has traveled all over the world and has spent time in remote areas learning about the cultures and history of the area’s indigenous peoples. This past summer, Dale decided to keep his travels a little closer to home, but maintained the his theme of exploration and learning throughout his trip. We were proud to have our GO pop up camper accompany him along the way.

Dale Stewart

While many folks are familiar with “The Trail of Tears“, the removal of Native Americans from the east to the reservations of the mid-west along 4 different footpaths, there was also a lesser known water route that followed the rivers, which was the premise of Dale’s expedition. Although the various sections of the water route have been traveled, Dale’s journey is the first known expedition with the purpose of exploring and learning about how the Native Americans traveled along the rivers and what they had encountered.

Trail of Tears Water Route

Last week, all of us at SylvanSport were treated to a talk and Q&A session with Dale about his trip and how his GO pop up camper helped him out. Also joining us was Brevard College professor, Michael Oliphant, who is connected to their Voice of the Rivers program.

Dale Stewart @ SylvanSport

Dale gets into his paddling stories.

Tom Dempsey and Dale Stewart

Michael Oliphant and Dale Stewart sharing thoughts.

It was a real treat to get to hear about Dale and his expedition along the Trail of Tears Water Route. Since then, he is already working on a book, television documentary, giving talks all over the country, and his kayak is headed for DC to be put on exhibit. It’s amazing how much we still have to learn about where we live and it’s exciting to be able to be part of expeditions like Dale’s, where it’s not just physical exploration, but historical as well.

You can check out more about Dale and his trip at

2012 Christmas Parade in Brevard, NC!

Every year, our hometown of Brevard, NC, holds a Twilight Tour festival. What makes this festival unique over the several others held throughout the year, is that this one is considered to be the “local’s festival”. Instead of streets filled with vendors and crafts, there are games, activities, people catching up from last year, and stores are open late, serving hot drinks and snacks. It actually has more of a gathering feel than a festival. Like any good party, everything gets kicked off with a parade. Local businesses, high school marching bands, non-profit groups, and a couple of just random folks all start one end of town at Brevard High School and travel 2 miles, right through downtown, and finish at Brevard College.

It’s been a couple of years, but SylvanSport was there this year with a full train of 3 GO pop up camper, pulled by a Subaru Outback (on loan from Prestige Subaru). It was an impressive sight for sure. The first GO was a kayak trailer, carrying 2 kayaks and a trailer full of gear boxes. The second acted as an ATV camper, complete with a Kawasaki 4-wheeler. Finally we had a fully set-up pop up travel trailer decked out with 4 bikes on top. It was pretty freakin’ awesome.

Here’s a glimpse of our moment in Brevard’s limelight:

The SylvanSport GO train ready to roll out.

Merry Christmas from SylvanSport!

All wrapped up and everywhere to GO!

4 Wheeler ready to GO!

Coolest. Camper. Ever.

Stockings were hung on the bike racks with care...

Who needs Santa when you have the Hulk?

The Hulk seems to have brought an elf helper.

Kids piling in for candy....soooooo much candy....

The sole survivor in the candy wars. Too freakin' cute.

The GO train coming into downtown Brevard.

Our fearless leader, Tom, drivin' that train.

GO family and friends waving to the crowds and handing out candy along the way.

We live in a great town and things like the Christmas Parade and Twilight Tour are just a couple of reasons why we love calling Brevard, “home” (10 minutes to Pisgah National Forest doesn’t hurt either). Happy holidays everyone and remember, treat everyday like a parade…it just makes things more interesting!

SylvanSport gets ready for 2013 with a photo shoot!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now it’s time to really start thinking about the holiday season ahead. That is unless you’re part of the SylvanSport family. This whole week we’ve been living it up on the set of a photo shoot, getting ready for 2013. You know how it is…lattes, danishes, wine…basically it’s how we like to roll. Well, it may be how we like to roll, but it wasn’t exactly what our week looked liked. Taking over 1/3 of our facility, we set up a huge white back drop, found a great model/actress, Candace Blanchard, and got hooked up with dual sport motorcycles, 4-wheelers, Rubbermaid cargo bins, a fleet of Specialized bikes, and a ton of kayaks of all kinds. There were no lattes, no danishes, and no wine (or beer) to be found anywhere. I think I saw someone with a coffee cup, but I’m not sure where he got it. What we did have though, was a great model, lots of cool gear, and of course, the star of the show, (the all-in-one, camping trailer, kayak trailer, ATV camper, and mountain bike trailer), the SylvanSport GO Trailer. Now we just need a photographer to capture this in all it’s glory.

Enter John Powell. You may remember John from his incredible pics when he took a GO pop up travel trailer out to Moab, UT for the Land Rover Rally. Check out the October 9, 2012 blog post for our recap of his trip. We’ve taken him from the slick rock of Utah and brought him indoors to shoot our new product photos. So come along and join us for a behind the scenes look at the SylvanSport photo shoot. Let the fun begin! 


Tom and Kyle review the plans for each shot.

The GO Trailer looking pretty for the camera.

Last minute touches to get the photo "just right". versatile.

The GO trailer is pretty fond of kayaks...especially bright orange ones.

John Powell working his magic.

Everyone is psyched about the work John is doing!

So how much gear did you say the GO trailer could hold? That's right...a lot.

Amazingly, it's a lot of work putting a photo shoot together. Maybe even harder than the Tour de France...I mean, they get massages at the end of each day.

When you have a bunch of sweet gear, great models, a top-notch photographer, a SylvanSport GO trailer, and put them all together, you end up with some pretty good looking pics!

Look for the fruits of our labor coming in the new year. We would like to give a big shout out to all of the folks who helped us out in making this shoot turn out so well: Jackson Kayak, Confluence Watersports, Sycamore Cycles, Dal-Kawa Cycle Center, Rubbermaid,and more.

Great job everyone! That’s a wrap!